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At MMM Foundation Repair, we understand how satisfying it can be to take every inch

of your home into consideration.


To us, a driveway is more than just a concrete slab to park your vehicle on; it is an extension of your overall style and should be a testament to your good taste and refinement and also we are known for our high quality craftsmanship and our careful attention to detail.



We can build or restore your existing concrete and protect it so it will be looking great for years. Not only does decorative concrete look better than plain concrete, it beautifies your whole property - increasing its value.

Discover the difference of having a uniquely designed driveway by getting a driveway . We can assist you in designing an incredible new driveway . Let us show you what a dramatic effect a finely made driveway can have on your yard and your overall landscaping; give us a call today!

Concrete no longer has to be plain, grey and boring it is now a beautiful canvas for an elegant decorative element. Concrete designs are not only hot new trends for patios, floors, entryways, pool decks and more they are far less expensive and give homes an elaborate concrete design sure to impress anyone.


Sawing is most commonly used to saw cut horizontal flat surfaces such as roads, asphalt pavement, concrete sidewalk. Compared to the traditional jackhammer method, Slab sawing is less time consuming and is the best choice for the modern construction world.

For most businesses, when plumbing repairs are necessary beneath the slab, breaking access holes through the floor is not an option. We have the expertise, equipment and manpower to excavate tunnels beneath slabs for repairs saving costly cosmetic floor repair and customer inconvenience. Our excavation and tunneling crews are also available on a contract basis for needs other than plumbing repairs.

TRENCHING - means a specific form of excavation. A trench is a narrow excavation (in relation to its length) made below the surface of the ground. In general, the depth is greater than the width, but the width of a trench (measured at the bottom) is not greater than 15 feet (4.6 m). If forms or other structures are installed or constructed in an excavation so as to reduce the dimension measured from the forms or structure to the side of the excavation to 15 feet(4.6 m) or less (measured at the bottom of the excavation), the excavation is also considered to be a trench.

Not having to depend on outside subcontractors and keeping these operations in house is a big advantage in keeping the project on time and on budget.


Inadecuate drainage • Lack of proper guttering Contraction / expansion of clay soil Particular types or locations of trees and shrubs Excessive sun or heat Causes for Foundation Problems

We are fully committed to providing every job with professional and clean results!


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