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Time Required to Repair:

The average repair job can be completed in just one day. This short installation time gives plants that have to be removed to install the piers a good chance of survival.

How the Piers are Installed:

1. A two foot square hole is dug by hand with a shovel. The hole will typically be four or five feet below ground level and will extend under the grade beam of the home to be lifted.

2. A pre-formed concrete cylinder (6 inches in diameter by 12 inches tall with a ¾ inch hole down the long axis) will be placed at the bottom of the hole directly beneath the grade beam. A 40 ton hydraulic ram will then be placed between the bottom of the grade beam and the top of the concrete cylinder. The ram will then be engaged and the cylinder will be pressed into the ground. Each cylinder will be connected with one steel rebar.

Cylinders will be added and pressed until the point of refusal,that is to a point where it takes more force to press the piling deeper than it does to lift the house.

A piling cap is then positioned on top of the last pile segment. Concrete cylinders are then placed between the piling cap and the bottom of the foundation beam. This process is repeated until all the pilings are installed.

3. The slab is now raised in the areas where the pilings are installed. 20 tons bottle jacks are placed on top of the pilings. An experienced MMM technician directs the raising while carefully monitoring the reactions of the structure. When the raising is complete, spacers are inserted on concrete cylinders to support the building.




Causes for Fundations Problems

Inadecuate drainage


Lack of proper guttering


Contraction / expansion of clay soil


Particular types or locations of trees and shrubs


Excessive sun or heat


Signs that foundation repair may be needed are usually visible on the interior or exterior of your home or property, depending on several factors. Here are some signs of foundation problems:





*Cracks in the ceiling or walls


*Separation of ceiling trims or crown molding


*Doors that are sticking or have been shaven at the top


*Cracks in the fireplace


*Noticeable change in elevation of the floor when walking (slope)


*Cracks in ceramic tile


*Tears or wrinkles in the wallpaper


*Windows that have become stuck or very tough to open/close



*Cracks in the brick or mortar


*Expansion joint that widens as it gets higher


*Corners of siding/soffits that are not flush anymore, but separating


*Separation of window pane from brick or trim


*Noticeable separation of caulk from various joints


*Separation in trim of windows or doors


*Uneven roof line

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